90 Day Challenge: The Third Interruption by “Sharp Objects”

Without listing all my reasons, it has been eight days since I posted anything related to my Nineveh 90 Day Challenge.

So I guess I will instead weigh in with my impression of the “Sharp Objects” HBO series and its ending. (Yes, I binge watched.)

First, I knew Amma had killed her friends as soon as she said she could get her roller skating girl fans and related boy friends to do anything she asked of them. It was just too prophetic a statement.

Amy Adams’ portrayal of Camille broke my heart. She was so damaged yet so capable of love at the same time.

Yet I am not sure how her character was left standing at the end of the day – heck, by the middle of the day – given the non-stop boozing. And she was a little too clear-headed and able to track the pieces, even if she made the wrong picture out of them until the end.

Compare that to Paula Hawkins’ alcoholic character Rachel in “Girl on the Train” starring Emily Blunt.  That story played out through an alcoholic haze that Blunt deftly captured.  Her character literally stumbles into the truth – not with a clear head, deciding to make herself a sacrificial murder victim.

I was a little slower to catch onto Adora’s Munchausen by Proxy problem.  I realized, of course, there was some kind of pathology behind her relationship with Camille.  But earlier on I thought it was because Camille was somehow thought to be the cause of her middle sister’s death.

At any rate, Patricia Clarke can give Jessica Lange a run for the “creepiest mother in a television series” Emmy category.

Amma is the character twin of Amy Dunne in Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl,” and Camille finding the tooth in the doll house is supposed to be the equivalent in shock value as discovering Amy staged her own torture rape.

And both stories end leaving readers/viewers with the question of how Camille/Nick will go on with life’s prosaic daily rhythm when each knows exactly how deeply disturbed and depraved Amma/Amy are.

Camille’s character seems like a deer caught in the headlights at the end; Nick’s is the deer head mounted after being hit by the car.

Camille doesn’t deserve the ongoing horror of living with Amma.  Nick perhaps was a little more complicit in his own ending.

In either case, Flynn seems to enjoy creating twisted, sociopathic characters like Amma and Amy.

She does it sharply.

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Dancing With “The Donald”

I hate being sick when the weather is good. Somehow it makes it all seem so much worse.

What started out as a “little tummy trouble” this morning has not abated and is now accompanied by a raging headache.

And I probably shouldn’t say this, but I am writing this blog because I am bored and tired of listening to endless newscasts about John Kelly allegedly calling President Trump an “idiot.” (If you are a Trump devotee, and you happen to be a Twitter/Facebook friend and truly like me, I suggest you stop reading here.)

News flash to the news community: half of us already knew Trump was an idiot. We really didn’t need the news flash.

I am watching the clock, waiting for it to hit 8 pm so I can watch “Dancing With the Stars.” I like my shallow sans Trump, thanks.

As with “The Bachelor,” I faithfully promise twice each year I have seen enough.  Yet like the swallow naturally wired to return to Capistrano, I watch each new “semi-season” as addictively as I drink my Cokes. (Okay, a soda addiction is ALL I have in common with Donald J. Trump – please God!🙏🏻)

Perhaps it is because I never went to the prom that I can’t let my attachment to these shows wane the way I have with episodic and highly generic TV.

Like Cinderellon (the opera heroine, not the fairy tale), I want to wear a sparkling dress and go to the ball and dance with Prince Charming and sorta sing an aria…”You think I’m gorgeous…you want to kiss me…you want to hug me…you want to love me…” (1)

(Please God let PC look like Benjamin Bratt – please!🙏🏻)

I mean, I’ve waited 49 years to be invited to the prom – I think being the main attraction of the event is the least I am due.

Well, maybe it is TWO things I have in common with DJT. (Please God-let it only be two! 🙏🏻)


(1) Quote from “Miss Congeniality,” starring Sandra Bullock,  Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures, NVP Entertainment, Fortis Films,  @2000


DJT: Another “Face in the Crowd”

Remember that post not long ago when I said breaking the abstinence from caffeine was not a good thing?

Well, I should have read my own blog about it.

It’s just my head hurt so badly in the early part of last evening. It’s not hurting now, but I am both exhausted and too wired to sleep.  Caffeine trumps whatever meds I take at night to help the sleep process.

Speaking of Trump, I saw the perfect movie that presaged the power of television to raise a glib con artist to the heights of fandom.

You can count on TCM to have an old movie to fit every modern occasion.

This one was “A Face in the Crowd,” a 1957 feature with Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal.

Neal’s character, a patrician Southern girl whose father owns a radio station, among other media marvels, turns a down on his heels but slick talking jail bird and drifter into a real life radio sensation and more.

His slickness is wrapped in corn pone, but the thrall with which “Lonesome Rhodes” holds his audience has just as much fervor as Trump at one of his eternal campaign rallies shouting “Who is going to build the Wall?”

Rhodes is quickly hustled from small town radio stardom to the bright lights of New York prime time television, with generals and politicians eager to capitalize on his audience connection to package their vision so that the “little people” buy it because they trust in Rhodes as the seller.

The only problem is, the higher Rhodes’s  trajectory in the firmament of fame, the more abusive he is to those around him.  He relies more and more on what he alone believes “sells” and less and less on the more experienced surrounding him.

Finally, his absolute contempt for everyone -including the audience that adores him – is on full display. The latter find out when his creator, Neal’s character Marcia, allows him to be heard on air berating and belittling all those avidly tuned in to hear him.

You see, they were never people to Rhodes…just a ratings number he gloated over each time it rose.

Even after his huckster shtick is exposed and all the rich and powerful desert him, Rhodes believes he can still get the “little people” to believe in him again by telling them a lie. He will regain his power and then he will destroy the sound engineer he mistakenly thought to blame for the on- air “reveal.”

For every Trump moment, there seems to be a TCM movie moment that captured it before it happened. We could even call this one a “McCabe” moment.

Last week, Donald Trump lied about lying to Justin Trudeau.  And his supporters believed it and paid a high price per plate to hear it at a fundraiser.

I suggest those people watch “A Face in the Crowd.” There’s a similar tale on TV nightly news right now, and they are co-starring in it.