Out of Prayer

Today is National Prayer Day. And I can’t.  Pray. Not right now.

I am heartsore and my head is aching. Things have a feeling of unreality right now.

I am not going to go into all the whys and wherefores, except to say that when romance first blossoms, one is giddily happy and bursting with the news. Then when one finds out she has been badly misled, not only does she feel broken, she feels like the world has shifted in polar opposition on its axis.  Down is up and black is white and truth is nothing but carefully crafted lie.

I would have hoped to be immune from such pain by now.  Lord knows I am long past my romantic expiration date. But I guess being human disallows that by nature.

There are many things I should pray about today. My friend’s husband is undergoing a hip replacement made delicate by other serious medical conditions. (Thank you to all those who have promised they will be in prayer for him.)

One of my sisters has been very ill for some time. (Again, for your prayers, my family thanks you.)

There are people who count on me for spiritual guidance both in ministry and study; I have an obligation to them.

I have made commitments to other groups to pray daily for them. I don’t even have to come up with my own words; the prayers are pre-crafted.

I could pray a rosary and not tailor it more personally as I usually do. Mary will receive my prayers. She will make them more beautiful to present to her son so that when He answers, I will be amazed at how He has done it.

She can even pray for me when I cannot pray for myself.

And that is what I am counting on right now.  That Mary sees my sorrow and will pray for the comfort of my heart.

Hail Mary…

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